Uber Verdant is designed to give residents an uninterrupted and unrivalled outdoor experience, an elegant driveway, off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.

Our Ongoing Projects

Uber Verdant flats in sarjapur road Bangalore is a conceptualized around a vast central courtyard to nurture a sense of community…

Imagine the luxury of watching the sun rise as you sip your morning coffee, out on a lush private space surrounded by nature.

Uber verdant amenities are Clubhouse, Pool table, Table Tennis, Multi purpose hall, Squash court, Indoor Badminton court…

Our Identity

The Uber logo expresses the spirit of our new offering from Mana Projects: nurturing spaces in the heart of nature. The carefully crafted ‘U’ symbol represents this balance between living spaces and the environment.

Uber Philosophy

Uber is the perfect balance between nature and nurture. It represents a thoughtful approach to design that integrates the nurturing space of a home with the refreshing natural environment of the outdoors.

Uber Projects

Close your eyes and imagine a place where nature is delicately nurtured. Where the extravagance is extraordinary. Where comfort is ceaseless. Welcome to the World of Uber.

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